Nuke虚拟全景视频合成教程 Pluralsight – 360 VR Compositing in NUKE


Nuke虚拟全景视频合成教程 Pluralsight – 360 VR Compositing in NUKE

在Nuke中制作360 VR视频合成教程,讲解VR视频的制作流程,从一个普通的工程转换成全景工程,然后在Maya中处理VR场景,最后在Nuke中完成合成

You might have heard of a new little thing called virtual reality (VR). If you have, and you’re curious about VR, then this course, 360 VR Compositing in NUKE, is the perfect course for you because it will introduce you to this new filmmaking medium. First, you’ll explore the foundations of a VR workflow and how it’s different from a standard stereoscopic project. Next, you’ll jump into Maya and set up your own VR stereo rig. Finally, you’ll take a stereo render from Maya and bring it into NUKE to discuss this new VR compositing workflow. When you’re finished with this Virtual Reality course, you’ll not only have a solid understanding of this new frontier, but you’ll also have the skills to then apply these techniques to your own unique project.