3DS MAX高级材质渲染教程 Lynda – 3ds Max Advanced Materials


3DS MAX高级材质渲染教程 Lynda – 3ds Max Advanced Materials

介绍3DS MAX的物理材质和ART渲染器,来制作多种风格的真实材质效果,在MAX 2017中设置PBR材质,达到钢铁,玻璃,皮肤,石头等多种材质效果

Aesthetically pleasing and believable materials require advanced tools and techniques, such as physically based rendering (PBR). With the addition of the Physical Material and the ART renderer, 3ds Max now provides the widest range of features available for shading objects. These tools allow you to create more realism with less effort, and achieve photorealistic results in hours or minutes, not days. Join Aaron F. Ross in this course as he explores the advanced materials in 3ds Max 2017. Learn how to control PBR materials to achieve desired looks, including metal, glass, skin, and stone, and use hard surface material parameters, ray tracing, complex shading networks, and advanced mapping techniques such as displacement and procedural mapping.






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