AE渲染流程基础教程 After Effects CC Rendering

Pluralsight After Effects CC Rendering

AE渲染流程基础教程 After Effects CC Rendering

讲解After Effects中渲染的整个流程,包括提供渲染视频质量,加速内存渲染预览,预渲染,导出设置,Classic 3D和Ray-traced 3D以及Cinema 4D渲染的不同点

In this course, After Effects CC Rendering, you’ll be learning how to speed up your workflow in After Effects CC by learning techniques to increase the quality and speed of your RAM previews, pre-renders, and your final exports. First, you’ll explore the preview settings, behaviors and controls, and how to optimize the Media and Disk Cache in order to produce smoother previews more quickly. Next, you’ll discover how to render using the Render Queue and Adobe Media Encoder, along with the various settings. Then, you’ll cover some of the different file types and which ones support alpha channels, along with the various codecs available and why you would choose them. Finally, you’ll learn the difference between the Classic 3D, Ray-traced 3D, and the Cinema 4D composition renderers. By the end of this course, you’ll know how to optimize your project settings in order to generate quicker previews.