Maya流体动力学海洋模拟教程 Maya Dynamics: BOSS Ocean Simulations

Pluralsight - Maya Dynamics BOSS Ocean Simulations

Maya流体动力学海洋模拟教程 Maya Dynamics: BOSS Ocean Simulations

Autodesk Maya 2017中模拟海洋波浪效果,制作真是的涟漪,海浪起伏效果,BOSS系统的控制,阿诺德渲染器最终的渲染等

Creating CGI oceans is becoming far more accessible and easier with every release of Maya. In this course, Maya Dynamics: BOSS Ocean Simulations, you’ll learn how to create realistic ocean surfaces with spectral waves, ripples, and wakes. First, you’ll be introduced to how the BOSS system works. Next, you’ll explore all of the ins and outs of the spectral wave solvers. Then, you’ll discover how to layer multiple solvers together. Finally, you’ll learn how to export your ocean simulation in several formats and how to create an ocean shader and render in Arnold in Maya 2017. By the end of this course, you’ll have a better understanding of the BOSS system in Maya 2017.