C4D阿诺德Arnold渲染器 SolidAngle C4DtoA 1.5.1 R16/R17/R18 Win/Mac – AMPED+替换破解版

Solid Angle Cinema 4D To Arnold v1.2.1 For Cinema4D R16-R18 Win Mac

C4D阿诺德Arnold渲染器 SolidAngle C4DtoA 1.4.0 R16/R17/R18 Win/Mac – AMPED/替换破解版

如果安装后C4D  R17/R18打不开,请确保C4D R17/R18更新到最新版本


  • Add complex_ior shader
  • Add flakes shader
  • Add thin_film shader


  • Create mesh particles based on a Selection tag
  • Show textures of third-party shaders in the Tx Manager
  • Update to Arnold
    • Faster TX generation by processing multiple files in parallel
    • New Portal mode parameter in the skydome light.
  • Disable motion blur per spline
  • Use a shader network as the alpha of material stacking
  • Support for custom UV set in the ramp shaders
  • Add SDF support for volume_sample_float shader
  • Make the Background object visible in refraction
  • Define texture for Arnold Sky via a texture tag


  • Wrong render when motion blur is disabled per object
  • Wrong color space in Team Render single frame
  • ASS export with procedurals takes too long
  • Wrong IPR update when replacing a material
  • Wrong render using a Bitmap sequence
  • Light filter is not exported for mesh light tag
  • No ground projection in specular with the shadow_matte shader
  • Skip hidden files in TX Manager’s folder mode
  • Command window pops up on Windows when convering textures to TX
  • Attanuation in light_decay should be unit type parameters

替换破解版本:Win版本下载     Mac版本下载

  AMPED破解版本:Win版本下载     Mac版本下载





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