C4D渲染基础教程 Cinema 4D Rendering Fundamentals

Pluralsight - Cinema 4D Rendering Fundamentals

C4D渲染基础教程 Cinema 4D Rendering Fundamentals

介绍Cinema 4D基础渲染流程,包括几种不同渲染方法的区别,视窗渲染的介绍,渲染工具的使用等

In this course, Cinema 4D Rendering Fundamentals, you’ll be learning the fundamentals of some of the most often used rendering tools that Cinema 4D has to offer. First, you’ll start right at the beginning which means you’ll learn about the different kinds of rays and the core principles of rendering in general. Next, you’ll hop into Cinema 4D and create your first viewport render. Finally, after getting acquainted with all the viewport rendering tools you’ll upgrade your knowledge by learning more about rendering with the Picture Viewer. By the end of the course, you’ll be acquainted with all the core rendering tools and capabilities that Cinema 4D has to offer. You’ll also know how to output different render passes and you’ll be familiar with some of the workflow tips that will help you out in the long run as well.