C4D火山喷发教程 Cinema4dtutorial – Volcano cinema 4d tutorial

Cinema4dtutorial – Volcano cinema 4d tutorial

C4D火山喷发教程 Cinema4dtutorial – Volcano cinema 4d tutorial

C4D插件turbulence fd制作模拟火山喷发教程(吐槽:感觉Cinema4dtutorial.net的教程真是质量越来越差了,之前的绿巨人都不想发了)

here are many possibilities with cinema 4 d and turbulence fd This time we bring you the walkthrough that both asked us that is the eruption of the volcano in cinema 4d.
To make this effect we also use the powerful tool thinking particles in cinema 4d
volcano c4d is a visual effect very popular and fairly simple to do with cinema 4d most of the visual companies are always using effects of fire smoke air. and are quite common in movies like the Lord of the rings Harry Potter and movies at the end of the world like volcano .

There are many applications of explosion in cinema 4d.
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