C4D GI教程 Cineversity – R15 Global Illuminations

Cineversity – R15 Global Illuminations

C4D GI教程 Cineversity – R15 Global Illuminations


In this series you will learn about the Global Illumination effect inside CINEMA 4D.

The series starts with a general overview of what Direct Light and Indirect Light are and what that means to the renderer.

With that groundwork laid the concepts behind sampling and how that affects the resulting GI solution are covered. This includes information about how the size of illuminating objects affects the GI calculations the GI Area Light attribute and GI portals.

With an idea of what goes into sampling the scene you will then explore the various GI methods including primary (Irradiance Cache Quasi-Monte Carlo) and secondary bounces (Irradiance Cache Quasi-Monte Carlo Radiosity Maps and Light Mapping).

After going over the various GI methods you will then be introduced to working with caches for the Irradiance Cache Radiosity Maps and Light Mapping.

Finally the series wraps up with two example scenes. The first scene covers working with the Irradiance Cache to render an interior that has an animated camera and the second explores using the Irradiance Cache or QMC when there are animated objects in the scene.


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