PS个性图片调色插件 Colorstyler 1.01 for Photoshop Win + 使用教程

Colorstyler 1.01

PS个性图片调色插件 Colorstyler 1.01 for Photoshop Win + 使用教程


  • Provides impressive photo effects, recreates traditional film effects and gives your photos a special style
  • Reproduces the whole workflow of color film photography from shooting a photo to processing it in the lab and framing the end result
  • Simulates 73 color films and many film grain types, lens filters, development strategies, paper types, special lab effects and much more
  • More than 20 effect types including color, bicolor, selective color, polarizer, color shift, infra red, color gradient, vignette, diffusion, glow and frame effects
  • More than 600 presets that can be browsed as thumbnails
  • Supports ACV (Photoshop Curves) files and shows their effect as thumbnails
  • Masking brush tool and a wide range of other masking features
  • Various other tools: Eyedroppers, preview coordinates, curves diagrams, split views, histograms, navigator
  • The eyedropper tool lets you click on an image area with a certain color and drag the mouse to selectively adjust its brightness, contrast, hue and saturation
  • Different modes for beginners and advanced people
  • Allows batch processing of image files
  • Processes 8bit and 16bit RGB images