Digital Juice Graphic Designer’s Toolkit 1-5 FULL(DJ平面设计师工具包)


Digital Juice Graphic Designer’s Toolkit 1-5 FULL(DJ平面设计师工具包) 

Nearly 1,000 customizable design elements in 11 categories, PNG, PSD and vector formats. Series Graphic Designer’s Toolkit has been developed due to the high popularity of MDT-libraries. Many designers want to have access to the elements used to create animated graphics and projects without having to buy a total volume of the animation. for any graphic designer working in any field, from print to web design or video, the design elements of a diamond mine and the inspiration for Treasure developing any type of original graphics. These elements are brought together, and they are easily adjusted to create the style and substance to any project. Collection of Graphic Designer’s Toolkit Volume 1 is based on the content Motion Designer’s Toolkit 1, and includes about 200 different line styles and more than 200 unique characters, as well as the treasury of the stylized elements of grunge, which can be used safely as explosions in person or as subtle accents in the text and pictures to give a modern urgency to your design. Other categories include shiny gradient-shaded panels and decorative borders, ornamental abstract forms, sketches, banners and splashes and stains with the texture of grunge.






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