Digital Juice – Texture Toolkit 1-4(DJ超强纹理贴图)


Digital Juice – Texture Toolkit 1-4(DJ超强纹理贴图) ,有5个collection,暂时只有1-4

For years one of the secret weapons used by Digital Juice artists and animators has been our custom collection of seamless textures. Now for the first time, we’re letting this treasure trove of possibilities leave home. If you’ve ever looked at a blank canvas in Photoshop, After Effects, or even in PowerPoint and not known what to do or where to start, the more than 1000 super high-resolution textures in the Texture Toolkit collection are designed just for you. Delivered at a maximum resolution of 4000 x 4000 pixels, most of these textures are also seamless in all directions and many have a built in alpha so they can be layered on top of other images for unique effects.
Long relegated to the “freebie” bin of the web, GOOD textures – particularly high resolution and seamless textures – can actually be hard to find. These long misunderstood workhorses of the creative industry are an essential tool when working with photos, illustrations, videos and animations of any kind. They can be a subtle accent or add a striking look to a hero element but they are rarely the star of the show. Their main job is to add context and subtext to your creations. Whether used alone as a background or mixed with other textures and images to give depth and sophistication, textures can create a mood without saying a word. The right texture can take a simple photo and make it more dramatic or give a simple object the weather-beaten look of a treasured antique.
长期沦为“免费赠品”的网站的bin,质地好 – 特别是高分辨率和无缝纹理 – 实际上是很难找到。照片,插图,视频和任何形式的动画时,这些长期误解创意产业的工作母机,是一个必不可少的工具。他们可以是一个微妙的口音,或添加一个醒目的外观英雄元素,但他们很少演出的明星。他们的主要工作是增加你的创作背景和潜台词。无论是单独使用,作为背景或与其他纹理和图像深度和复杂混合,纹理可以创造情绪,不说一句话。正确的纹理,可以采取一个简单的照片,并使其更具戏剧性,或给一个简单的对象珍贵的古董饱经风霜的样子。