Nuke化妆特效合成教程 Digital Makeup in NUKE

Pluralsight – Digital Makeup in NUKE

Nuke化妆特效合成教程 Digital Makeup in NUKE


The techniques used in this course will be used holding the highest standards and are the same you have seen the results of in big Hollywood film productions and fashion commercials. You’ll make sure to keep photo realistic results, preserving lighting and the models real skin detail. In this course, Digital Makeup in NUKE, you’ll learn techniques for retouching skin imperfections and smoothing out skin in a similar fashion to traditional makeup, enabling you to perfect a model’s face without re-shooting your footage. First, you’ll explore how to 2D track and how to work with camera grain. Next, you’ll discover how to retouch imperfections and other problems areas. Then, you’ll learn how to smooth out wrinkles and skin textures. Finally, you’ll cover effective ways of integrating foreground and background images. By the end of this course, you’ll know to easily remove skin imperfections, smooth wrinkles, and even know how to apply image elements.






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