Maya卡通小偷角色绑定 Animating a Cartoon Burglar Scene in Maya

Digital Tutors–Animating a Cartoon Burglar Scene in Maya

Maya卡通小偷角色绑定 Animating a Cartoon Burglar Scene in Maya

在Maya 2013绑定卡通小偷人物角色的整个过程

This tutorial takes you through the process of creating a cartoon-style 3D character animation in Maya. We’ll discuss the concerns of cartoon exaggeration in 3D animation, planning the animation and the importance of reference, creating and modifying your character, creating custom props for your scene, the creation of key poses, animating the root and feet, animating the spine and head, animating the arms and hands, and doing final polish of the animation.By the end of this tutorial, you will have a more thorough understanding of how to create a 3D character that has the exaggeration, timing and movement of a cartoon style of animation.


  1. Introduction and project overview
  2. Considerations for cartoon style animation
  3. Planning and reference for animation
  4. Modifying our character
  5. Creating custom props for our animation
  6. Importing the scene elements and setting the camera
  7. Creating key poses
  8. Continuing key poses for our animation
  9. Analyzing our final key animation poses
  10. Looking at our in between poses
  11. Beginning our arcs and polish animation
  12. Overview of our final animation