C4D植物生长/流体粒子插件 DPIT Plants & Effex v1.7 R12-R15 Win/Mac

Katachi DPIT Plants&Effex V1.7 R12-R15

C4D植物生长/流体粒子插件 DPIT Plants & Effex v1.7 R12-R15 Win/Mac

一共两个插件,DPIT Plants是植物生长插件,可以模拟自然环境植物的生成,DPIT Effex是粒子流体模拟插件,可以在C4D内模拟想火,烟,雾,爆炸等粒子流体。


直接将下载解压后里面的DPIT Plants & Effex 文件夹放到C4D Plug-ins文件夹下即可,Mac R15测试可用。

PIT Effex is a professional solution to create particle and fluid effects inside of Cinema 4D.

At its very core it includes a physical based fluid solver to create fire, smoke, vapor and explosion simulations. But also liquids belong to the repertoire of DPIT Effex which is the only plugin available on the Cinema 4D market that allows to generate complex water and highly viscous liquid simulations. They all obey the law of fluids which are described by the Navier-Stokes or Euler Equations.

All these effects are based on state-of-the-art algorithms in order to provide the user with most up-to-date technologies. Technically it uses a combination of voxelgrid-based and particle-based simulation algorithms that enable fast, high-quality and realistic results with a huge amount of artistic control.

The simulation takes place inside of a cube-shaped container that defines the 3D grid and the user is able to specify certain amounts of media that shall be affected by the fluid simulation. This media can either be specified as a density (smoke for example) or as a particle body (liquids) and is then driven by the fluid velocity field that is calculated by the fluid solver.

It also fully integrates with Cinema 4D’s own features and therefore provides the user with a highly flexible and feature rich fx toolset which has already been used in feature films such as Surrogates or Twilight Eclipse, extending the capabilities of Cinema 4D massively. Last but not least DPIT Effex is a rock-solid stable piece of software.

With more than 10 years of plugin development experience for Cinema 4D, DPIT Effex is the flagship of Katachi’s product line and has a fast and internationally growing user-base.

DPIT Plants
DPIT Plants is a procedural modeling and animation plugin to generate organic structures especially suited for trees and plants.

It contains tools, objects and shaders that allow users to create arbitrary types of plants and trees with high flexibility. The algorithms used are based on L-system like behaviors but are not limited to rule-based generation but rather enable the user to apply rules on a procedural basis.

The very great thing that should be mentioned is the consistent design of the tree object. The settings that are used for modeling are consistently the same for almost all features like the trunk, roots, branches & leaves, so the learning curve is tremendously flat. Once you know the settings for one of them, you know them all!

Other key features beside the plants modeling are:

Presets – DPIT Plants comes with 10 free tree presets
Grass engine – polygon based modeling and animation
Hair engine – for generation of hairs on plant models
Transplant – distribution of objects on arbitrary surfaces

All functions and features fully integrate into Cinema 4D and can be used for any organic work and are therefore also applicable to medical animations (vessels for example) and similar tasks.







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