Maya爆炸特效教程 Explosions with Maya and FumeFX

Pluralsight – Explosions with Maya and FumeFX

Maya爆炸特效教程 Explosions with Maya and FumeFX

Maya 2017中利用FumeFX 4插件来模拟直升机被击落爆炸特效教程,讲解爆炸发射的方式,时间控制,火星制作等

Building explosions is complex and time consuming process. In this course, Explosions with Maya and FumeFX, you will learn how to take a common shot in production, (a helicopter being shot down to the ground) and will concentrate on the main hit in the air, and all the way until it hits the ground and explodes. You will learn many different techniques and emission methods, timing, scale, creating sparks, and rendering it all with the Blackbody shader in Arnold. Finally, you will get more out of your renders in Nuke and comp it all together. After this course, you will have a good understanding on how to approach such a big shot and learn different techniques to create these effects.