AE教程火焰辉光 Fiery Glow Tutorial

After Effects Fiery Glow tutorial.mp4 -

AE教程火焰辉光 Fiery Glow Tutorial 


This 22 minute tutorial (bit longer than a quick tip) is on the one hand about making a customized fiery glow effect, that’s far more controllable than applying a standard glow effect (because you build it how you want it to be).

But more importantly than creating this effect, the tutorial is about how to go about creating custom effects in general and how to combine and build multiple actions on to a single After Effects layer. This allows you create more compact projects, to avoid multiple layers and mattes and to reduce the number of pre-comps you use. You can actually do a lot more on a single layer than most people realise, by using the effects in the Channel menu.

In this tut, we also hook our effect up to an expression controller and use some cunning expressions to control the Curves and Hue Saturation effects. Lots of stuff in here, aimed at the intermediate user






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