Maya阿诺德渲染器使用教程 Fundamentals of Arnold for Maya

Pluralsight – Fundamentals of Arnold for Maya

Maya阿诺德渲染器使用教程 Fundamentals of Arnold for Maya

介绍Maya 2017阿诺德渲染器使用方法,包含灯光,材质,着色器等多方面的使用等

In this course, Fundamentals of Arnold for Maya, you’ll learn the fundamentals of Arnold for Maya. First, you’ll start off with learning some of the basics like how ray depth works. Next, you’ll dive into linear workflows and learn how the implementation of Arnold changes your process. Then, you’ll learn all about lighting with Arnold as well as shading and texturing. Finally, you’ll wrap up things with learning how to setup Arnold to get your final rendered images out so they can be used. By the end of this course, you’ll have a good foundation of knowledge, regarding Arnold, on which to build moving forward.