Audition制作Mograph运动图形游戏音效 FXPHD AUD206 – Creating Killer Audio for Mograph


Audition制作Mograph运动图形游戏音效 FXPHD AUD206 – Creating Killer Audio for Mograph

格      式:MP4+工程文件
软      件:Audition CC 2014
分 辨 率:高清1440×900
集      数:10集
大      小:3.39G


教程由FXPHD出品,讲师Ryan Pribyl有24年的声音处理经验和超过12年的后期声音处理经验,现在仍然是一个充满激情的老师
This course is taught by Ryan Pribyl, who has 24 years experience manipulating audio and over 12 years experience in post production sound. Ryan still as an immense amount of passion for making the world sound better


背景音效是决定动画好坏的一个重要因素,这个进阶教程着重讲解音效制作、混音、声音处理,教程从游戏Broforce和moote电视台的Logo展示 两个案列来开始讲解
To truly enhance killer mograph, you need killer audio! This intermediate level course is for anyone interested in learning more about sound design, custom effects creation and mixing — including voice processing and sweetening. The course is project based and will look at two different projects to arm you with some techniques to help you create some killer audio.


  • Class 1: Lets get started! Broforce voice over treatment and prep for mix. Processing the voice to sound big, over the top and intense — worthy of Broforce.
  • Class 2: Broforce Sound Design: We start the class by downloading the Adobe sound effects library which will be the primary sound effects for the Broforce trailer. Next we look at using Bridge to organize and search these effects.The rest of the class is building the opening elements to our trailer. Working with both stock sounds and generated sounds as well some of the Audition plugin effects.
  • Class 3: Broforce Sound Design: Continue working on the sound effects elements in this trailer.
  • Class 4: Broforce Sound Design: Finish up the sound design for the trailer.
  • Class 5: Broforce Mixing: In this class we’ll setup Audition for mixing in Stereo for web. We’ll look at using Bussing, EQ, Compression and Reverb to make our different elements work together as one piece.
  • Class 6: moote brand identity sound design: Part 1 of 3
  • Class 7: moote brand identity sound design: Part 2 of 3
  • Class 8: moote brand identity sound design: Part 3 of 3
  • Class 9: moote brand identity 5.1 surround mix: Part 1 of 2
  • Class 10: moote brand identity 5.1 surround mix: Part 2 of 2







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