3D Coat入门基础教程 Pluralsight – Getting Started with 3D-Coat


3D Coat入门基础教程 Pluralsight – Getting Started with 3D-Coat

这个教程主要讲解3D Coat的体素和表面雕刻技术,属于基础入门教程,适合新手学习
In this course, Getting Started with 3D-Coat, you are going to explore 3D Coat’s Voxel and Surface sculpting paradigms while sculpting a character bust of an Ur-vile, a villainous creature from Stephen R. Donaldson’s Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever fantasy series. You’ll learn various strategies to help you master this program, which is as close to true digital clay as any piece of software on the market today. First, you’ll learn about setting up and maneuvering around the workspace using the numeric keypad. Next, you’ll learn about voxel vs. Surface sculpting paradigms, and boolean operations using primitives, brushes, and Vox Layers. Finally, you’ll learn about surface shading and model spin rendering in 3D Coat’s Render “room,” and preparing the sculpted bust for 3D printing using Cura. By the end of this course, you will have fundamental knowledge of 3D-Coat.