Maya 2017全面入门基础教程 Pluralsight – Introduction to Maya 2017

Pluralsight - Introduction to Maya 2017

Maya 2017全面入门基础教程 Pluralsight – Introduction to Maya 2017

从基础介绍Maya 2017的基本使用教程,然后用实例来讲解常用工具的使用方法,建模,贴图材质,动画控制,摄像机运动,动力学等全面讲解

This in-depth Maya tutorial is designed to help you get a solid understanding of the core features found in Maya, and help you to ease your transition into this very powerful program. During the course of these lessons, you’ll have a chance to learn about different aspects of Maya from two experts. In the first portion of this tutorial, you’ll get familiar with some of the vocabulary and foundational skills that you’ll need in order to begin moving around and working in Maya. From there, you’ll move into exploring some of the modeling features found in Maya and begin building the mining pod, which will be your central project for the remainder of this course. From there, you go through the entire process of adding textures and materials to the pod. Then, you’ll see the process of adding animation controls, animated movement, and dynamics. Finally, you’ll discover how to add lights, shadows, and how to output your final animated sequence. This course is designed for new Maya users, so the goal is not to weigh you down with a lot of technical information. Instead, its goal is to help you form some really good habits and workflows, allowing you to see the entire start-to-finish pipeline for this project, and by the end of this Maya course, you’ll be at point where you can feel very comfortable using the software.