Substance Painter 2018全面入门基础教程 Introduction to Substance Painter 2018

Gnomon Introduction to Substance Painter 2018

Substance Painter 2018全面入门基础教程 Gnomon – Introduction to Substance Painter 2018

本教程以一个场景实例全面介绍Substance Painter 2018的使用方法,包括基础界面的介绍、视窗特性、贴图材质、至鞥你贴图、投射、烘焙等

In this title, lead technical artist Christophe Desse takes us through the paces of learning Painter by sharing his production proven techniques and workflow . His direct approach allows the student to learn how to quickly tackle projects without feeling overwhelmed with the interface, terminology or workflow. Starting with a detailed introduction to the tools and features, Christophe then goes deeper into the workflow of Substance Painter showing the texturing process on a full project by texturing a detailed walker-bot model and its driver. This allows him to share his workflow for texturing both character and hard surface models. He shares various techniques that can be used to texture various components while discussing how to handle the various material settings and maps. Many different types of materials are textured and demonstrated, providing a thorough insight into Christophe’s methodology. Topics include the Painter interface, display and viewport features, transparency and Iray, Textures Sets and Materials, Smart Materials, Projections, Stencils, Baking, Anchor Points, and how to approach hard surface weathering and detailing.