Maya Iray渲染器 Lightwork Design Iray v2.1 for Maya 2016/2017/2018 Win/Linux破解版

Iray v2.0 For Maya

Maya Iray渲染器 Lightwork Design Iray v2.1 For Maya 2016/2017/2018 Win/Linux破解版

用于 Maya 的 NVIDIA Iray® 是一款用于 Autodesk Maya® 的插件,可以提供出色的物理效果 Iray 渲染。利用原生的 Maya 控制方式,场景光照和设计在整个查看与开发的过程中极具互动性、十分直观。 用户可以借助集成的材质节点来使用无限的材质选项,甚至可以利用 NVIDIA 材质定义语言 (MDL) 添加自己的材质定义和过程函数。支持 NVIDIA vMaterials Library,还支持与其他兼容 MDL 的应用程序交换材质。

We’ve created Iray for Maya to be easy to use, so you don’t have to spend your time learning complex commands and duplicating work. If you’re an experienced Maya user, or even if you are new to 3D modelling and animation, this is an intuitive rendering solution that provides high quality results in minutes. With customisable materials, support of Maya’s textures and utility nodes, real-world lighting features and scalable GPU workflows, Iray for Maya gives you high quality output with a user-friendly experience.

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