3D模型整合插件 Kitbasher V1.2 For 3DS MAX 2012-2018

Kitbasher 3DS MAX

3D模型整合插件 Kitbasher V1.2 For 3DS MAX 2012-2018

Kitbasher这个插件可以在3DS MAX中将多个3D模型组合成一个完整的模型,多种参数可以设置

This plugin for 3ds Max gives users the power to quickly integrate existing 3D models into meshes. The users are provided with a variety of options and settings to fine-tine the look and feel of their model with real time updating.


  • Distribute per cluster or per face
  • Over 150 free brushes
  • Mirroring options
  • Auto scaling to fit within selected faces
  • Multi-Select support in browser
  • Improved conform to curved surfaces
  • Respects modifiers like Turbosmooth in the stack
  • Supports undo and redo
  • Relax edge support for connected edges
  • Smoothing group blending
  • Respects UV’s and Material id’s
  • Added ‘reset’ option to reset all values to defaults
  • Added XYZ rotation and position controls
  • Improved auto thumbnail generation
  • Search by number of edges