Maya粒子处理渲染Krakatoa MY_2.3.0.54606_For MAYA_x64

Krakatoa for Autodesk Maya (also known as Krakatoa MY or KMY for short) is a volumetric particle rendering plugin inplemented using the C++ Interface to Thinkbox Software’s Krakatoa renderer for Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Krakatoa MY is fully integrated in the Maya User Interface. It implements various dedicated scene objects like a PRT Loader for loading particles from external file sequences, PRT Volume and PRT Surface for converting geometry volumes and surfaces to point clouds. v2.3.0 introduced support for the Magma node-based channel editing system, allowing complex operations on large numbers of particles, data acquisition from other particles and scene meshes and so on.

Krakatoa是一个体积粒子渲染插件,使用C + +的接口,用于Linux和Microsoft Windows操作系统。

Krakatoa完全集成在Maya的用户界面。它实现了各种专用的场景对象就像一个PRT装载机从外部文件序列,PRT音量和PRT表面转换几何体积和表面点云的颗粒负荷。 V2.3.0引入了Magma的基于节点的频道编辑系统的支持,允许对大量的粒子,从其他粒子和场景网格数据采集等方面的复杂操作。










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