AE图层前后遮罩关系切换脚本 Aescripts Layer Slayer + 使用教程

Layer Slayer

AE图层前后遮罩关系切换脚本 Aescripts Layer Slayer + 使用教程

时间线上图层的关系:上面的图层会挡住下面的图层。有时候为了让下面的图层有时候能出现在上面图层上,需要Ctrl+D把下面的剪断然后移动到上面图层去,如果这样需求很多的话,就会导致图层很混乱,不好整理,Layer Slayer这个AE脚本可以一键切换图层之间的前后遮挡关系

If you’ve ever worked in a moderately complex composition, at some point you’ve probably found yourself caught in some unholy vortex of pre-comping, layer duplication and  keyframe copying and pasting – just because you need the same content to appear in different layers. Layer Slayer is the workflow tool that will free you of all this nonsense. Use it to summon a perfectly synced copy (called a “Slayer”) of any layer you like (the “Master”). The Slayer goes wherever and whenever you need it in the timeline layer stack, and the Master sends its content there with a single click anytime you choose. You keep working on the Master Layer and let Layer Slayer keep the visuals in perfect sync. There’s no limit to how many Slayers you can create for a single Master, it’s one click – no matter how complex you’ve made it.


  • 拷贝jsxbin文件到Support Files\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels


  • 不要用中文版AE,中文版表达式会报错
  • 偏好设置,Edit—Preferences—General面板下,勾选上Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network
  • 脚本不支持你的AE版本(可能性较小)