AE运动图形动画技巧 Lynda – Mograph Techniques: Shape Animation in After Effects

Lynda - Mograph Techniques Shape Animation in After Effects

AE运动图形动画技巧 Lynda – Mograph Techniques: Shape Animation in After Effects


There are some big advantages to using shape layers in After Effects: precise, fast rendering; compatibility with Illustrator; and smaller file sizes. Their vector quality means the artwork can be scaled to any size while remaining crisp and sharp. And they work with third-party effects and support layer styles. Take a deep dive and explore how to use the shape tools to communicate ideas in an uncluttered way and make complex animations simple. Eran Stern shows how to create custom wipe animations, use mathematical operations to animate shapes and paint them in over time, and morph between vector shapes.

Topics include:
Creating a basic circle animation reveal
Cascading animation with masks and modes
Dividing shapes and painting them in over time
Revealing text
Building a repetitive shape animation
Morphing between shapes








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