Premiere时间线全面教程 Lynda – Premiere Pro Guru: Mastering the Timeline

Lynda – Premiere Pro Guru Mastering the Timeline

Premiere时间线全面教程 Lynda – Premiere Pro Guru: Mastering the Timeline


The Timeline is the heart of the Adobe Premiere Pro editing environment. It is where we make our most crucial editorial decisions and where we keep all of our finishing steps organized. This course focuses on making the most of the Timeline during all phases of the editing process. Premiere Pro Guru Jason Osder will help you master navigating, marking, and adding new content to the timeline, as well as controlling your tracks better with keyboard shortcuts and features like snapping, locking, linking, and labeling. Plus, learn to make more precise edits and save time with track presets.


Introduction 1m 33s

    • Welcome 36s
    • Exercise files 57s

    1. How the Timeline “Thinks” 6m 52s

      • The Timeline as visual instructions 1m 3s
      • The Timeline and the program viewer 1m 8s
      • Experimenting with the Timeline 2m 35s
      • The Timeline and workspaces 2m 6s

      2. Timeline Fundamentals 20m 20s

        • Measuring time on the Timeline 2m 51s
        • Navigating through the Timeline 2m 43s
        • Marking the Timeline 2m 45s
        • Creating a new sequence 4m 2s
        • Adding content to a sequence 3m 44s
        • Understanding rendering 4m 15s

        3. Taking Control 27m 50s

          • Track control area overview 2m 58s
          • Snapping 4m 4s
          • Link sources 3m 27s
          • Expand and collapse tracks 2m 29s
          • Track labels 1m 50s
          • Locking and unlocking tracks 2m 27s
          • Source patching and track targeting 5m 26s
          • Toggle track output, audio mute, and solo 2m 37s
          • Sync Lock 2m 32s

          4. Advanced Timeline Control 13m 15s

            • Adjust display settings 3m 46s
            • Saving and managing track presets 2m 46s
            • Customizing track headers 3m 14s
            • Sequence settings 3m 29s

            5. Tools and Techniques 23m 59s

              • Tools and the Timeline 7m 42s
              • Deleting with in and out points on the Timeline2m 7s
              • Adjust timings with Timeline markers 2m 35s
              • Call up source footage with Match Frame 2m 6s
              • Achieve precision with a traditional three-point edit 4m 42s
              • Getting a precise time-stretch edit with a four-point edit 4m 47s

              Conclusion 20s

              • What’s next 20s