RealFlow全面基础教程 Lynda – Up and Running with RealFlow

Lynda – Up and Running with RealFlow

RealFlow全面基础教程 Lynda – Up and Running with RealFlow

RealFlow是一款流体模拟插件,可以和多款3D软件结合,例如C4D,Maya,Maz等,教程讲解RealFlow的一些常用功能,和Maya,3ds Max的结合

RealFlow is the motion picture industry’s standard tool for liquid simulations. It’s a standalone application that offers robust interoperability with most popular 3D programs. In this introductory course, you’ll explore the powerful features of the RealFlow core application, and see how RealFlow is integrated into Maya and 3ds Max. You’ll learn how to create small-scale effects with standard particles, create free-flowing water effects with the Hybrido solver, and simulate open bodies of water such as oceans and ponds with RealWave. Author Aaron F. Ross also shows how to control interactions between objects and fluids with Caronte, the rigid- and soft-body physics engine included with RealFlow.

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