C4D流体插件TFD基础全面教程 Lynda – TurbulenceFD for CINEMA 4D Essential Training

Lynda TurbulenceFD for CINEMA 4D Essential Training

C4D流体插件TFD基础全面教程 Lynda – TurbulenceFD for CINEMA 4D Essential Training


Having the skills to create believable smoke and fire is crucial for any aspiring VFX artist. In this course Ben Watts shows how to use TurbulenceFD, an incredibly powerful fluid simulator that plugs right into CINEMA 4D, to create realistic smoke, fire, and explosions.

Want to jump right in? Check out the “Quick Start” chapter for short lessons on creating containers and emitters and rendering your simulation. From there, the course explores every aspect of TurbulenceFD in depth, including its solver and timing settings, forces, channels, and emitter options. Along the way, Ben includes some practical and fun examples. By the end of this course you’ll be confident using Turbulence FD and creating your own awesome smoke and fire effects.


  • Setting up containers and caches
  • Starting and stopping simulations
  • Choosing channels to simulate
  • Changing the feel of your simulation with timing adjustments
  • Affecting particle motion with velocity
  • Adding detail and randomness with turbulence
  • Influencing simulations with channels
  • Adjusting emitter properties
  • Previewing effects in the viewport
  • Developing your look with shaders
  • Rendering simulations


传送门:C4D流体模拟插件 Jawset TurbulenceFD C4D v1.0 Rev 1372 R15-R16 WIN64






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