Lynda – 3ds Max 2016 新特性教程 New Features

Lynda – 3ds Max 2016 New Features

Lynda – 3ds Max 2016 新特性教程 New Features

3ds Max 2016 新特性教程,主要是摄像机的几个新功能,例如无力摄像机等,景深,运动模糊

3ds Max 2016 has arrived. In this course, Aaron F. Ross covers the usability, interoperability, and cinematography improvements that make this an exciting release for 3D artists and animators alike. He’ll cover working with start-up templates, importing and exporting Alembic data, and mesh smoothing with OpenSubdiv, but also the new camera features, such as the Physical Camera, which can mimic the exposure, depth of field, motion blur, and tilt-shift perspective corrections of a real-world camera, and the Camera Sequencer, which allows animators to cut between cameras and trim clips nondestructively. Watch to find out how to incorporate these enhancements into your 3D workflow.