Maxwell渲染器使用教程 VTC – Maxwell Render 3

VTC - Maxwell Render 3

Maxwell渲染器使用教程 VTC – Maxwell Render 3

Maxwell Render 是一款可以不依附其他三维软件可以独立运行的渲染软件,采用了光谱的计算原理,打破了长久以来光能传递等渲染技术,使结果更逼真。Maxwell是一个基于真实光线物理特性的全新渲染引擎,按照完全精确的算法和公式来重现光线的行为。 Maxwell中所有的元素,比如灯光发射器,材质,灯光等等,都是完全依靠精确的物理模型产生的。可以纪录场境内所有元素之间相互影响的信息,所有的光线计算都是使用光谱信息和高动态区域数据来执行的。

Maxwell Render 3 is the unbiased render engine of choice for discerning 3D professionals. With it’s well earned reputation for top quality and physical accuracy it is used extensively in the arch-viz, jewelry, advertising, product design, special effects, and animation industries. This course is designed to get you up and running with creating high quality Maxwell Render 3 materials quickly and effectively. Taught in an in-depth but still practical and easy to follow manner by Jason Maranto, even beginners will be able to successfully utilize the realism and beauty of Maxwell Render 3 materials






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