Maya粒子系统全面教程 Pluralsight – Maya nParticle Fundamentals


Maya粒子系统全面教程 Pluralsight – Maya nParticle Fundamentals

介绍 Maya 2017 中nParticle系统,讲解基础的工具使用方法,发生器,粒子节点,场,碰撞等,模拟能量火焰粒子效果

The nParticle System is an easy to use simulation system that can prove to be a very valuable asset to you. This course, Maya nParticle Fundamentals, will introduce you to the basic functions and tools you’ll find when working within the nParticles toolset. First, you’ll learn about working with Emitters, Particle Nodes, Fields, Colliders, and the Nucleus Solver. Next, you’ll explore multiple particle types including point, ball, cloud, and water particles. Multiple rendering methods will be discussed including using Arnold and the Maya Hardware Renderer. Finally, after the basics have been covered, you will produce a project to showcase everything you’ve learned about the nParticle pipeline. By the end of this course, you’ll know how to use Maya’s nParticle System to create a huge variety of simulations.