Mocha镜头跟踪摄像机反求全面基础进阶教程 Lynda – Mocha 4 Essential Training

Mocha 4 Essential Training

Mocha镜头跟踪摄像机反求全面基础进阶教程 Lynda – Mocha 4 Essential Training

Mocha视频素材摄像机反求教程,讲解跟踪方法流程,将数据导入AE/Apple Motion/FCPX/Boris等软件的方法

mocha 4 Essential Training is designed to get you working quickly with Imagineer Systems’s powerful planar tracking tool. This project-based course teaches the core ideas that drive the entire mocha family of products, including mocha AE CC, mocha AE, and mocha Pro. Throughout this training, you will become more confident in when and how you use mocha to solve different challenges. Ben Brownlee covers the core modules, preferences, and useful keyboard shortcuts in mocha, and then dives into different planar tracking techniques: match moving, 3D camera solves, custom shape creation, rotoscoping, and more. He also offers a quick start guide and troubleshooting tips, and reviews the process for exporting mocha tracking data to programs such as After Effects, Apple Motion, Final Cut Pro, and Boris CC.

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