Maya动力学粒子破碎教程 Maya Dynamics: nParticles and Expressions

Pluralsight - Maya Dynamics nParticles and Expressions

Maya动力学粒子破碎教程 Maya Dynamics: nParticles and Expressions

学习Maya 2017的动力学,包含 nParticles和表达式的应用,比如粒子的控制,MEL表达式来控制粒子等

In this course, Maya Dynamics: nParticles and Expressions, you’ll learn nParticles and expressions for various effects and no prior knowledge is required. First, you’ll discover how to block out particle emitters, nParticles, and external fields. Next, you’ll learn the MEL expressions to modify and customize the nParticle and also able to create your own expressions and additional particle attributes. Finally, you’ll explore various effects like rain-dripping, sand-particle, smoke, dust, and destruction with nParticles. When you are finished with this course, you’ll have your own renders and a solid understanding of nParticles and expressions, which will further help you in creating complex particles effects.