PS图像处理插件滤镜套装 Onone Perfect Photo Suite Premium v9 Win/Mac


PS图像处理插件滤镜套装 Onone Perfect Photo Suite  Premium v9 Win/Mac

OnOne Perfect Photo Suite Premium v9.0(超强图像处理和PS滤镜,含创意包)是OnOne公司推出的一款功能超级强大的照片处理和PS滤镜合集包,最新版本提供了全新的操作界面,可独立运行,也可以作为Photoshop的滤镜的形式来使用。Perfect Photo Suite是目前超强悍的PS滤镜插件套装,其强大的功能已经成为众多摄影师和设计师必装的Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom滤镜插件。


  1. 安装Perfect Photo Suite 9
  2. 启动软件,选择License or Select Activate from Help Menu
  3. 运行注册机,生成序列号
  4. 复制序列号到PPS9激活窗口,然后点击Offline Activation离线激活
  5. 复制离线激活码然后保存成txt或者其他任何问件
  6. 返回注册机,然后点击Activate激活,拾取上一步保存的文件,这时会生成一个PPS9_ActivationCode.txt文件
  7. 返回到PPS9激活窗口,点击激活,复制PPS9_ActivationCode.txt里面的内容,点击Unlock解锁
  8. 完成注册

Perfect Photo Suite 9 主要特性:

  • An overhauled Browse module, which adds lightning-fast previews of RAW files; new rating, ranking and keyword tools; and sophisticated filtering capabilities. These features are designed to help you cull and sort through photos quickly after a shoot, without having to wait for previews to be generated. You can then edit your photos using the Suite, or can easily send them to a secondary photo tool like Adobe Photoshop Lightroom or Apple Aperture — with metadata and keywords intact.
  • A new Smart Photo feature, which lets you re-edit your photos — with previous settings intact — after saving and closing them. All of your editing steps are saved with a Smart Photo, so you can make subtle (or major) changes to a photo at a later date. And Smart Photos use the standard Photoshop file format, so you are assured of maximum compatibility.
  • To help you create better selections, all the masking and selection tools have been improved and integrated throughout the Suite’s modules. And, Perfect Layers and Perfect Mask have been combined into a single module, streamlining the process of compositing photos.
  • We’ve also added a new Quick Mask brush: run it over an area that you want to select (or remove), and a detailed mask is automatically created. This is perfect for replacing backgrounds or adding a custom look to part of your photo.
  • You asked for it, we added it: noise reduction is now part of the Suite. Reduce noise in your photos while maintaining important details. You can even selectively apply noise reduction to different parts of a photo, such as the shadows or highlights.
  • A new Lens Flare filter in Perfect Effects lets you get that popular “shot into the sun” look and add flares ranging from subtle to bold.
  • Faster processing; the Suite is now up to 2x faster than Suite 8 in many instances.







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