3DS MAX 鹅卵石石头建模材质Vray渲染教程 CGCookie – Shading Procedural Rocks

CGCookie – Shading Procedural Rocks 3Ds Max & Vray

3DS MAX 鹅卵石石头建模材质Vray渲染教程 CGCookie – Shading Procedural Rocks

3DS MAX不规则鹅卵石石头建模教程,同时注重讲解Vray材质的制作,怎么随机制作不同的石头材质等

In Shading procedural rocks course we’ll talk about a generic workflow to create different rock/stone materials. We’ll see how to create shaders to simulate peeble stones and how to generate variations about it, then we’ll see other examples for different stone materials simulating layering, minerals and scattering. All materials will be created using nested procedural maps as noise, cellular and speckle, everything used inside composite maps with or without masking. Rendering will be done with VRay but materials will use generic workflow to be compatible with all rendering engines.

传送门:Vray 3.20.02 For 3Ds Max 2015/2016 破解版