Maya人物绑定基础教程 Pluralsight – Introduction to Rigging in Maya 2017


Maya人物绑定基础教程 Pluralsight – Introduction to Rigging in Maya 2017

讲解Maya 2017人物绑定的基本流程步骤,介绍FK/IK的转换绑定,手脚身体的绑定,肩膀的控制等

Rigging a biped is a complex task, but it’s still one of the most commonplace types of animations you’ll be expected to know how to do. This course, Introduction to Rigging in Maya 2017, will present many techniques for rigging in Maya 2017 and integrate them with the gestalt of the character. First, you’ll plan the rig features you intend to include in the final rig, including FK/IK switchable arms and back, stretchy spine, grouped foot, and shoulder controls. Next, beginning with the hips, you will work down the leg creating IK controls for the legs with knee pole vector and an “inverse grouped” foot. You’ll also go over creating controls for the arms and fingers, as well as see an overview of skinning techniques focusing on binding and problem areas. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll be ready to create rigs while emphasizing feature-based planning as a beginning point to rigging while divining the individual needs of each rig.