Digital Juice影视配乐分层音乐全集Vol.1-50 Stack Traxx Complete vol.1-50

Digital Juice Worship Stack Traxx Complete Series 1

Digital Juice影视配乐分层音乐全集Vol.1-50 Stack Traxx Complete Vol.1-50


1、Digital Juice的分层音乐素材,一个50个DVD,总共 118.45 GB,.STX格式,ISO封装。Digital Juice Juicer 3.90 Build 119 破解版

2、格式为的分层素材,每首音乐都有4-7可编辑音轨,音频都是 44.1 khz, 16 bit的高质量素材,适用于任何非线性编辑软件。



  • STX01: Extreme Stacks – Music from the edge that delivers a high-energy impact
  • STX02: Power Stacks – High-impact sounds that pack a punch of power & charisma
  • STX03: Serious Stacks – A collection of dramatic music from subtle & heartfelt to epic
  • STX04: Smooth Stacks – Cool tunes with smoldering pop hooks & slithering jazz vibes
  • STX05: Holiday Stacks – Classic holiday tunes in a variety of musical genres
  • STX06: Street Stacks – Urban music from the club for productions from the street.
  • STX07: Groovy Stacks – The sounds of the 60s & 70s – from beach & psychedelic to rock
  • STX08: Fifties Stacks – Music that evokes the nostalgic Americana of the sock-hop era
  • STX09: World Stacks – A variety of exotic international sounds & rhythms
  • STX10: Broadcast Stacks – Add an air of professional polish to your productions
  • STX11: Epic Stacks – Full-bodied orchestration designed to rouse emotions & drama
  • STX12: Corporate Stacks – Contemporary, motivational music with lush orchestral beds
  • STX13: High Impact Stacks – Music tracks that add power to your visual message
  • STX14: Rock Stacks – Straight on rock & roll from fast-paced to rhythm-hooked
  • STX15: Subtle Impact – Nuanced mellow sounds to soothe & support your video
  • STX16: Spooky Stacks – The sounds of suspense & horror – from fun to truly terrifying
  • STX17: Light Touch Stacks – Keyboards & strings with a soft, positive “new day” sound
  • STX18: Corporate Stacks II – The soundtrack to a modern high-energy business production
  • STX19: Broadcast Stacks II – Professional network-quality music to suit any production
  • STX20: Positive Aspirations – An upbeat, laid-back collection evoking sunny days & relaxation
  • STX21: Ambient Stacks – Music that is both beautiful & stimulating without distracting
  • STX22: Business Stacks – Step out of the edit suite and into the boardroom
  • STX23: World Stacks II – A musical trek around the globe – tribal drums to bagpipes
  • STX24: Broadcast Themes – TV-inspired retro-fun thats both familiar & brand new
  • STX25: Sports Stacks – A powerful dynamic sound for every sports production
  • STX26: Country Stacks – Music tracks from traditional to bluegrass to rockin’ country
  • STX27: Cinematic Stacks – Big. lush orchestral arrangements for dramatic moods
  • STX28: Island Stacks – Escape & chill to the sounds of steel drums & ukeleles
  • STX29: Dynamic Intensity – Music with high energy & intensity with a modern edge
  • STX30: Romantic Stacks – A collection of sweet sounds that pull at the heartstrings
  • STX31: Rhythm & Blues Stacks – Sensual, smooth rhythms – from traditional to hip hop
  • STX32: Latin Stacks – From Latin fusion to steamy salsa in a smokin’ hot upbeat volume
  • STX33: Top Forty Stacks – A collection of top of the chart sounds & radio influenced mixes
  • STX34: Executive Stacks – Flexible, modern music to evoke boardroom to break room.
  • STX35: European Reflections – A magical multifaceted tour through the Old Country & beyond
  • STX36: Retro Metro Stacks – A catchy collection of funk & disco with a new school vibe
  • STX37: Jazz Stacks – An eclectic jazz collection – from ragtime band to hip lounge
  • STX38: Urban Stacks – Straight from the streets – from bouncy hip-hop to crunk
  • STX39: Classic Touch Stacks – Beautiful interpretations of the works of the classics masters
  • STX40: Alternative Stacks – Music with an edge, just left of pop and right of rock
  • STX41: Ambient Stacks II – Create an atmosphere – from dark, industrial to open, airy
  • STX42: Lighthearted Stacks – A whimsical collection of sounds from comical to adventurous
  • STX43: Broadcast Stacks III – Contemporary songs with a wide variety of styles & pacing
  • STX44: Acoustic Stacks – Guitar-driven sounds from soft & romantic to rhythmic & upbeat
  • STX45: Techno Stacks – Dance beats from progressive house rhythms to dirty bass lines
  • STX46: Dark Mood Stacks – Ominous, epic & intense with dramatic builds & menacing lulls
  • STX47: Motivation Stacks – Muisc that adds the inspirational X factor to any production
  • STX48: New Age Stacks – Music that evokes a peaceful vision of a better world
  • STX49: Romantic Inspiration – Lush, beautiful music tracks to help you feel the love
  • STX50: Cinematic Scores – Big budget motion picture sound in themed song suites