SynthEyes摄像机跟踪反求基础教程 Lynda – SynthEyes Essential Training

Lynda - SynthEyes Essential Training

SynthEyes摄像机跟踪反求基础教程 Lynda – SynthEyes Essential Training


3d tracking has become the foundation for advanced visual effects. In this course Brian Morse covers the essential concepts for 3d tracking in SynthEyes, starting with a project-based tutorial to help you start creating accurate 3D solves quickly. Next, he takes a deeper look at the 3d tracking systems in SynthEyes, discussing both the manual and automatic features to help you get the best solve for your camera. The course then explores some more advanced techniques, like object tracking with a moving camera, and closes with a look at exporting to a variety of animation packages: After Effects, Nuke, Maya, and CINEMA 4D.






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