C4D拓扑点贴图插件 Tools4D Topology Vertex Maps R13-R17 Win/Mac

Tools4D TopologyVertex Maps

C4D拓扑点贴图插件 Tools4D Topology Vertex Maps R13-R17 Win/Mac

Topology Vertex Maps可以在C4D中实时生成各种点贴图效果

Topology Maps lets you create vertex maps which can be modified in realtime, using different surface mapping algorithms. These maps are an excellent basis for shading

  • Mesh Area Denstity – the relative surface density of your polygon structure(s) .
  • Mesh Angle – describes the relative surface angles of your polygon structure(s) .
  • Ambient Occlusion – shows the Ambient Acclusion of your polygon structure(s).
  • Volume Depth – a map of the sub surface volume of your polygon structure(s)
  • Shadow – a unique shadow from one or more light sources onto your polygon structure(s)
  • Deformed Delta – describes the liniear distance between the deformed and undeformed state.
  • Deformed Tensor – describes the surface area density delta between the deformed and undefromed state.






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