C4D粒子插件 Think Particle – TP Toolkit v1.2 R12-R15 Pro

Think Particle - TP Toolkit v1.2 R12-R15 Pro

C4D粒子插件 Think Particle – TP Toolkit v1.2 R12-R15 Pro  

C4D TP粒子工具,包含大量粒子发生器,渲染,动力学等。下载包含插件和一个使用教程。

This is the new Think Particle TP Toolkit. It consists of several types of emitters, renderers, and includes also utilities and dynamics tools.

This toolkit is for you to use Thinking Particles with a UI for simplicity. On top of that we’ve integrated some cool Mograph featuers that allow you to use tools such as the shader effector or the sound effector to control certain particle emitter settings.

This project has been quite a lot of fun for me and I think it’s quite useful. I hope you find it to be equally interesting and helpful to your production pipeline.

Warning: This tool requires both Mograph and Thinking Particles for Cinema 4D. You need to have the Studio version for this to work for you.