C4D XPresso全面教程 Vertex Pusher Vol7 – XPresso Demystified


C4D XPresso全面教程 Vertex Pusher Vol7 – XPresso Demystified

This tutorial is designed to get you into Xpresso quickly from scratch, it is for both beginners and advanced users. It assumes some basic knowledge of Cinema 4D.

Xpresso is powerful and versatile node based, visual programming language in Cinema 4D. Most of you will feel intimidated with term “programming language” but literally everyone can master Xpresso without any prior programming knowledge.Starting with basic principles and data types, vectors and matrices, boole, logic, global and local, through all nodes and iterations, user data, python scripting, scene files containing prototypes with remarks and much more you will get proficient in Xpresso in no time.

True power of Xpresso comes to life when you realize that it is actually anintegral part of Cinema 4D, woven deeply into core of Cinema 4D and knowing just a bit of Xpresso will greatly expand your creative and technical capabilities with Cinema 4D.

Tutorial set is very comprehensive and total lesson time is 6 hours. Scene files containing prototype examples used throughout the training are included.


  • 01. Intro_do_NOT_skip
  • 02. Fundamentals and principles
  • 03. Simple_Data_types
  • 04. Complex_data_types
  • 05. Global_and_Local
  • 06. General_nodes
  • 07. Adapters
  • 08. Boole
  • 09. Calculate
  • 10. Script
  • 11. Logic
  • 12. Iterators
  • 13. Userdata