Zaxwerks 3D AE插件合集 CS5-CC 2014 Win64


Zaxwerks 3D AE插件合集 CS5-CC 2014 Win64


  • Zaxwerks ProAnimator AE v7.0.1
  • Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator PRO v7.0.1
  • Zaxwerks 3D Flag v3.0.2
  • Zaxwerks 3D Layer Tools 2.0.0
  • Zaxwerks 3D Reflector 2.0.3
  • Zaxwerks 3D Serpentine 2.0.2
  • Zaxwerks 3D Warps 2.0.1
  • Zaxwerks 3D The Werks Volume I 2.0.0

3D Flag:
The Zaxwerks 3D Flag plug-in turns any picture, comp or movie into a realistic flag that responds to wind, gravity and the movement of the pole.

3D Invigorator PRO:
3D Invigorator PRO is the program that brings big-time 3D motion graphics to your After Effects work. 3D Invigorator PRO renders quickly and can create beautifully sculpted 3D models quickly and easily without extensive training.

3D Layer Tools:
Zaxwerks Layer Tools is an exciting set of plug-ins that enables the motion graphics artist to do things to 3D layers that are usually very difficult and time consuming.

3D Serpentine:
3D Serpentine brings big-time 3D effects
to Motion Graphics and Video artists. Creating 3D noodles, also called path extrusions, is no longer difficult nor time consuming. Now you can do them live, right inside of Adobe After Effects.

3D Reflector:
After Effects can do so much, but you couldn’t do reflections easily. Until now.
Use Reflector to quickly enhance your scene with reflective surfaces.
It’s as easy as picking a surface (a floor, a wall, a ceiling) and applying the Reflector effect. One additional click will update your scene for reflections.
Reflector will work with 3D text, pictures, and movies. Most effects in your scene will be reflected as well.

The Werks Vol. 1:
The Werks Vol. 1 is a set of three plug-ins for creating beautiful Glints, Gradients, and Glows.
Each plug-in is packed with features not available anywhere else. As with all Zaxwerks products speedy workflow is combined with flexibility. Many, many presets are included for instant productivity.
Glintwerks creates multi-colored traveling glints of light that move across your image.
Gradientwerks is a powerful tool for creating beautiful gradients for backgrounds and text.
Easy Glow is the fastest and easiest way to make your images glow.



Zaxwerks 3D For AE CS4-CC Win/Mac

AE CS3-CC插件合集 Win/Mac