Maya BiFrost流体使用基础教程 cmiVFX – BiFrost Vol 1: Introduction

cmiVFX – BiFrost Vol 1 Introduction

Maya BiFrost流体使用基础教程 cmiVFX – BiFrost Vol 1: Introduction

以一个流体碰撞案列全面介绍BiFrost 2017的使用方法,包括发射器,碰撞,体积,场等全面介绍

This class is an introduction to the methodology of working with SDF surfaces, with tile format and data structure. It will show you how to generate a simple simulation in BiFrost 2017. This first course in the series is addressed toward users who have never used BiFrost before and are willing to understand the functioning of this framework. In the course, I hope that the artist will learn how to generate a very simple liquid simulation using a few fundamental blocks: emitters, colliders, kill volumes, and fields, which will allow you to then expand with your creativity and generate more complicated simulations.






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