AE运动模糊帧融合教程 Retiming Footage to Perfection in After Effects

Digital Tutors – Retiming Footage to Perfection in After Effects

AE运动模糊帧融合教程 Retiming Footage to Perfection in After Effects


In this series of tutorials, we’ll learn various methods for changing the timing of our footage in After Effects. There are lots of different techniques for retiming, all with different pros and cons that might make one technique be a better fit for you over another. We’ll begin by understanding the differences between Time Stretching, Time Remapping, and Timewarping.

We also learn a couple of useful tricks like Pixel Motion Blur and Frame Blending. We finish off the course by doing a single lesson that combines nearly all of the techniques that we learned to create a unique ghosting effect.

This course is for you if you want to learn how to make your footage look like it was shot with a high speed camera, create blends between fast and slow motion within the same clip, or simply make your footage play backwards and stop. Whatever the case, this course has all your timing needs covered.

  1. Introduction and project overview
  2. What is Time-stretching?
  3. What is Time-remapping?
  4. How to use Frame Blending
  5. How to use Pixel Motion Blur with footage
  6. Reversing layers and keyframes
  7. How to Freeze Frame
  8. The Timewarp Effect: keying and built-in motion blur
  9. Bringing it all together: Creating a frame pausing effect