• 格      式:MP4
  • 所用软件:Cinema 4D
  • 工程文件:无
  • 分 辨 率:高清1280×720
  • 语言字幕:英语无字幕
  • 集      数:30集
  • 大      小:压缩包3.9G


  1. How to make a Clay Render Look  (粘土效果渲染)
  2. How To Make A Bumpy Ruby Rock Texture  (钻石矿物材质)
  3. Electron Microscope Look  (显微镜下的微生物)
  4. Abstract Spiky With Overhead Lighting  (抽象物体变化)
  5. Animated Broken Up Text and Geometry  (文字起伏生长)
  6. Ornate Lighting Decoration  (灯光装饰)
  7. Compressing Model with Negative Pressure  (物体挤压)
  8. How To Create a Back-Lit Lighting Look  (背景灯光设置)
  9. Pile Of Stuff  (白天阳光直射效果)
  10. Voxel Whaley  (像素化鲸鱼)
  11. Bunched Up Cloth Fabric  (布料材质灯光)
  12. Use Mograph To Clone Onto An Object And Light It With Mixed Source Lighting  (物体灯光)
  13. Peeling Mesh – Monkey Face  (剥落特效)
  14. How To Create a Wood Texture With A Photo  (木纹材质贴图)
  15. How To Make A Spiky Letter  (长钉子的文字效果)
  16. Model Building On – Roller Coaster  (过山车)
  17. How To Make A Basic Daylight Rig  (日光场景)
  18. How To Make A Monochromatic Depth Map Look  (单色深度贴图)
  19. Exploded Parts View – Engine  (零件爆炸效果)
  20. How To Make A Foggy Tunnel Look  (迷雾隧道)
  21. How To Create A Water Tank Scene  (玻璃水缸场景)
  22. Popping a Balloon  (布料模拟气球)
  23. How To Create An Abstract Drippy Effect  (滴落效果)
  24. How To Make A Rough Metal Texture  (旧金属材质)
  25. Model Exploding into Models  (破碎效果)
  26. Make A Broken Up Glass Abstract Piece  (破碎玻璃)
  27. Fleshy Blob Displacement  (角色置换特效)
  28. How to make a distressed liquid Sound Wave Effect  (液体声波特效)
  29. Animated Texture Engraving  (雕刻贴图动画)
  30. Build an Animated Balloony Abstract Reveal  (巧克力动画)

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