C4D运动图形板块详解 Introduction to MoGraph in Cinema4D


C4D运动图形板块详解 Introduction to MoGraph in Cinema4D


In this series of tutorials, we’ll take an introductory look at the MoGraph toolset in CINEMA 4D. MoGraph is a set of tools that provides us an unlimited world of possibilities for handling motion graphics.

We’ll be learning terminology, workflows, and important concepts to be aware of when using these tools. We begin by learning how to use cloners which is the building block of MoGraph. Cloners allow us to quickly populate a scene with objects. Next, we’ll learn about effectors which provide further control for clones and other objects. We’ll learn how we can use MoGraph shaders, dynamics with MoGraph objects and many other useful aspects of this powerful toolset.

By the end of this training, you’ll have discovered a whole new world of tools you can use in CINEMA 4D that will really speed up your workflow when working with lots of objects.


  • 01.Introduction and project overview
  • 02.Understanding Cloners
  • 03.Exploring Cloner attributes
  • 04.Cloner transformation and coordinates
  • 05.Cloning across surfaces and splines
  • 06.Working with multiple Cloners
  • 07.Working with MoGraph Effectors
  • 08.Working with multiple Effectors
  • 09.Utilizing MoGraph shaders
  • 10.Adding dynamic behavior to MoGraph clones
  • 11.Understanding and using MoInstance objects
  • 12.Using the MoGraph Tracer
  • 13.Creating MoText