ZBrush材质全面讲解教程 Udemy – Demystifying ZBrush Materials

ZBrush材质全面讲解教程 Udemy – Demystifying ZBrush Materials


Even advanced ZBrush sculptors may not have explored ZBrush materials in depth before. This course is designed to give a clear and practical explanation for the ZBrush Standard, MatCap, and Redshift, materials in a way that will allow you to create and share your own custom materials. This can be a huge time saver in getting approval on designs and models or just to create stunning images directly in ZBrush without the need to export for render in another 3D program. You can even render using Redshift directly in ZBrush without the need for UV Texture coordinates. The course starts with an explanation of how materials work in ZBrush, then explores the types of materials in three main sections: Standard Materials, Matcap Materials, and Redshift materials. The course also explains how the Material Mixer works and how you can use it to layer 2- 4 materials on top of each other and combine them in creative ways. The course emphasizes learning how the settings work and includes a breakdown of example materials. The example model is included in the class files so that you can follow along with each chapter. The skills you learn in this course will help you build better portfolio pieces that can highlight your sculpting skills and ZBrush knowledge.