Maya+SpeedTree三维游戏场景植物树木制作教程 CGMA – Vegetation & Plants for Games

Maya+SpeedTree三维游戏场景植物树木制作教程 CGMA – Vegetation & Plants for Games

6周的课时教程,讲解游戏三维场景中植物树木的制作,包括植物生成、贴图烘焙、导入到UE等,会用到Maya, SpeedTree, Zbrush, Substance Designer/Painter 和Unreal等软件

During this 6-week course, students will create a small vignette environment focusing heavily on the creation of vegetation and plants. The process will include using a tree as the focal point, creating a bark texture, importing these assets into Unreal Development Kit, and composing a final portfolio-ready shot. Lectures will demonstrate several different tools and workflows to achieve quality assets, tools that include Maya, SpeedTree, Zbrush, Substance Designer/Painter and the Unreal Development Kit. The instructor will work with each student individually to narrow down reference and ideas to create a vegetation kit with which to build a strong vignette environment. Lectures will cover how to utilize color, composition, and scope to create a cohesive look.